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Purging Web Server Cache with out shutdown

August 17, 2010

We’ll be using the “Purge” servlet directive to make it happen.
To set up your system for servlet directives you need to specify a password in your web profile. So open your web profile (PeopleTools > Web Profile > Web Profile Configuration), navigate to the Custom Properties tab, and look for a property called auditPWD. It should be set to a string, and the property value should be whatever password you want to set. The default is “dayoff”. If you make any changes, you’ll have to bounce your web server for it to take effect.
Once the auditPWD property is in place, you can simply call the psp servlet with the purge command, and your web server cache will be purged. The syntax of the URL is: http://%5Bserver%5D/psp/%5Bsite%5D/?cmd=purge&pwd=%5Bpassword%5D
For example:
Anyway, update the URL with your specific info, paste it into your browser, and the web server cache will be cleared without a web server bounce.
As always, make sure you test these techniques in a non-production database, and use at your own risk! I hope you find them helpful.


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