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July 24, 2010

fgrep COMMAND:
fgrep command is used to search one or more files for lines that match the given string or word. fgrep is faster than grep search, but less flexible: it can only find fixed text, not regular expressions.

The Syntax is
fgrep [options] pattern [file]


-a Don’t suppress output lines with binary data, treat as text.
-b Print the byte offset of input file before each line of output.
-c Print’s the count of line matched.
-h Print matched lines but not filenames.
-i Ignore changes in case; consider upper- and lower-case letters equivalent.
-n Print line and line number.
-q Prints in quite mode, prints nothing.
-r Recursively read all files in directories and in subdirectories found.
-v Prints all the lines that do not match.
-V Print Version.
-w Match on whole word only.

Lets assume that we have a file file1.txt and it has the following data.

ask your technical solution in our forum

  1. To search and print the lines containing forum :
    fgrep 'forum' file1.txt

    fgrep command prints the output as.
    ask your technical solution in our forum


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