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Shell script for stopping and starting App server/PSUNX

July 15, 2010

This script can be scheduled with cronjob for auto reboot and cache clear for PeopleSoft Application server and Process schedular


. /export/home/pshrs1/.profile

DATE=`date +%m%d%y%H%M%S`


export PS_HOME


export TUXDIR

echo `date` ” Stopping and starting hrs1 Application server…”

cd /pshrs1/hrms/appserv

psadmin -c shutdown -d hrs1 > /pshrs1/hrms/appserv/APPLOG/Stop_$DATE.log

psadmin -p stop -d HRS1 >> /pshrs1/hrms/appserv/APPLOG/Stop_DATE.log

sleep 10

echo `date` ” Clearing cache for Application server”

rm -rf /pshrs1/hrms/appserv/hrs1/CACHE/*

sleep 20

psadmin -c boot -d hrs1 > /pshrs1/hrms/appserv/APPLOG/Start_$DATE.log

psadmin -p start -d HRS1 >> /pshrs1/hrms/appserv/APPLOG/Start_$DATE.log


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