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Script to find the PeopleSoft process status through sqlplus

July 15, 2010
Create Unix shell script or the batch file with below commaind

sqlplus sysadm/*****@HRMS @process.sql -S

Create a script Process.sql script to the all the process status from sql
set linesize 300;
set pagesize 0;
8,’Cancelled’,9,’Success’,10,’Not Successful’,11,’Posted’,12,’Unable to Post’,
13,’resend’,14,’Posting’,15,’Content Generated’,16,’Pending’,17,’Success with Warning’,
decode(diststatus,0,’None’,1,’Scheduled’,2,’Processing’,3,’Generated’,4,’Unable to Post’,
5,’Posted’,6,’Delete’,7,’Posting (stuck)’)
from v$database a,
psprcsrqst b
where oprid in (‘admin’)
and to_char(rundttm,’DD-MON-YYYY’)=to_char(sysdate,’DD-MON-YYYY’)
and runcntlid in (‘IVT’,’ivt’,’test’)

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