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LDAP Directory server configuration for PeopleSoft8.8

July 15, 2010

Setting up LDAP Directory Interface for PeopleSoft Finance 8.8

a) Configuration Directory

Navigation: People Tools > Security > Directory > Configure Directory page

This component has four pages – Directory Setup, Additional DNs, Schema Management and Test Connectivity, to setup LDAP authentication only the Directory Setup and Test Connectivity pages are important.

Page Attributes on the Directory Setup Page.

· Directory ID: ACTIVEDIR

· Description: ActiveDir

· Directory Product: Microsoft Active Directory

· Default Connect: domain\LDAP_Admin_username

· Password: **********

· Port: 389

After setting the Directory Setup click on the Test Connectivity tab. Verify that the results are SUCCESS.

b) Cache the directory Schema

Navigation: People Tools > Security > Directory > Cache Directory Schema

Page Attributes on the Cache Schema page.

· Directory ID: ACTIVEDIR

· Server Name: Select an active PSNT server

· Click on Save and then click on process

· Monitor the process using the process monitor to ensure that it completes successfully.

c) Creating and setting up Authentication Map

Navigation: People Tools > Security > Directory > Authentication Map

Page Attributes on the Authentication page.


· The Directory ID: ACTIVEDIR

· Connect DN: domain\LDAP_Admin_username

· SeqNum: 1

· LDAP Server: LDAP server name

· Search Base: DN=***,DC=*****,DC=com

· Search Scope: Sub

· Search Attribute: sAMAccountName

· Search Filter: (sAMAccountName = %SignonUserid)

d) Setting up User Profile Map

Navigation: People Tools > Security > Directory > User Profile Map

Page Attributes on the Mandatory user Properties page.

· User Proflie Map: AUTHUSERMAP

· Authentication Map: ACTIVEAUTHMAP

· Directory ID: ACTIVEDIR

· User ID Attribute: sAMAccountName

· ID Type: NON

· Check Use default Role checkbox

· Default Role: Role Name for default.Create one if not there.

· Check User Default Language Code checkbox

· Language: English

e) Setting up SignOn PeopleCode Page

Navigation: People Tools > Security > Security Object > Signon PeopleCode

  • Check the following checkboxes Enabled and Exec Auth Fail for the function names Password_Controls & LDAP_AUTHENTICATION (Note: Sequence 1 & 3)
  • Save the changes
  • Bounce all the AppServers

Setting Roles & Permission Lists

Permission Lists

Navigation: PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Permission Lists to add appropriate permision to user


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