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MBA Statement of purpose essay

December 11, 2009

An example of MBA essay to B-school

Over past 9 years I have worked in different Software companies, on different projects and in different roles as Finance ERP consultant. I started as a Project Engineer and I am an Sr lead system Engineer today. I have understood the various technical, economic and humane aspects of the Information technology industry in general . I have understood the interrelation of various entities in an organization. I now need tools to help me understand this correlation. I need formal training and professional degree that will enable me to take higher responsibilities and grow as a professional. Ultimately, my goal is to start my own company. The idea of creating something with my own hands is my lifelong dream. There is no greater desire than to create a product, raise capital, and take a company public. This is my path, no matter how or when I get there.

I aspire to be an entrepreneur and lead my own software consulting organization. I need knowledge of finance, marketing and business strategy to achieve my goal. I must also be able to raise the resources and deploy them in the most effective and efficient manner. I am sure that MBA degree will provide me with all these skills. California State University ,Northridge With its experience faculty, competitive environment and thorough curriculum, it is one of the best places to do Business certification and MBA degree. The school team-building focus the type of environment in which I will excel. I am certain that I will gain a great deal from my fellow students and contribute to their experiences

While I see myself as a budding entrepreneur, a couple more years of being redeployed in the tech world would be good to understand the dynamics of a corporation and more importantly, how the company is interweaved. Most companies fail not because of a lack of technological vision, but rather from failure to execute. Armed with MBA, I would like to take the next step in my Business career

What attracted me most to MBA is that The focus of the program is apparent with Academies dedicated to disciplines for starting with Business world and eventually move to MBA degree with Cal state University.CSUN MBA also prides itself on an interesting curriculum. This fits in my future plans of running my own business and getting my future Goals.


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