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October 31, 2008

I should have started this 15 days before ,still not bad atleat stared now to keep the track of GMAT Study track.

I have stared with Princetone Math Session and completed the Kaplan Math Work Book exercises for the past 15 days.I have also completed 100 OG Quatitative question and need to work on remaining 76 hard questions.My aim is to score between 650 – 700 and get into UCLA /Loyola Marymount or any good Cal state university.

Today I attended Developing Interpersonal skills class and it was very userful to have relation with the people.My mind was open now to work hard on GMAT.Lot of obstucles on the way to Prepare for GMAT.I am moving forward and fixed the date on Dec 30 at 12 PM.I am encouriging myself and moving forward with the help of god for hope.

Today I printed the Manhaten Turbo GMAT for Sentence correction and planned to go throug it.Prepared new updated study plan.Ordered Manhaten GMAt sentence correction online.


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