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Fault finding

July 29, 2008

It was a hot day in my village..I was having my lunch and My mom was serving me the food.I mixed the sambar with my rice started eating ;found salt in the sambar was little less.I got angry and told with unhappy face “sambar has less salt in it”. Immediatly after that I realised that she has been serving me the food most of the days in life and all days the food was awesome.I never realised that and enjoyed the food .Today for little less salt I am finding something bad.
We all see most of the time bad part in everything.Everthing should have the good part in it,we may need to happy with the good thing in it and compramise with the bad part part of it – now life will become more happier and enjoyable.nowadays even the sambar with no salt my face will smile with happines thinking of that she prepared me food all the day perfectly.

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